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Since 2014, a group of motor development researchers formed the I-MDRC and happily it is now an incorporated organization with its own set of by-laws. We have an active website that we hope you have already visited. We have also held successful conferences in Portugal (2017), South Carolina, USA (2016) and in France (2015).

To lift the organization up, we have donated funds ourselves, but now we are ready to welcome members. As an I-MDRC member, you will receive a discount at future conferences.

Other benefits of membership are supporting the international advancement of motor development, networking opportunities, and having an active voice in the organisation as we move forward.

We are also ready to welcome individuals into leadership positions within our organizing committee. The positions (e.g., student representative, international members-at-large, and social media assistant) along with the nomination process will be posted soon. Individuals can self-nominate and the membership will vote on the position… one more reason to become a member now!

We would love to have your energy, input and commitment as we continue to advance the future of motor development research and its application. It is amazing how our field has grown over the past five years, who knows where it could be in the next five?

Warm regards
Prof Nancy Getchell (current president)
Twitter: @IMDRC_MotorDev